October 26, 2011

Puffy Eye Tip

Or, how to use those dang roller balls.

I have chronically puffy eyes. No matter what I do (although chillaxing on the salt helps), I wake up in the morning packin' bags.

I never knew what to do about it except shrug my shoulders and be all, "dems da breaks!" But then my homegirl (and wise oracle of all things beauty) Mary Schook introduced me to the sickest tip ever.

Get one of those eye de-puffing roller ball pens. I am currently using the one from Clinique, but lots of brands have them. Every morning, roll that bitch in half-moons right along the puffy part, on top and underneath your eye. Don't be afraid to put some pressure into it - that's how you move the fluid out. Roll it from the outside in.

I've done this every morning for the past few months and it makes a huge difference.

It's kind of confusing to explain, so check out Mary's video where she demos it here.

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