July 8, 2010

SPF 100 Is a Total Crock of Sh*t

I could write a really long post about what's going on in the sunscreen universe right now but you'd just get bored and possibly think I was a mental case. Let's just say there's a lot of deceiving clever marketing going on out there.

So I'll simply say this: SPF 100 is meaningless. Please take my word for it. The key to success with sun protection is reapplication -- that's where most people fail. All SPF 100 does is give you a false sense of security.

A prominent dermatologist just told me this: "I don't care if you use SPF 15 or 500. If you don't reapply throughout the day you're wasting your time."


  1. I have a question for you then... after reading your recommendation for Clarins SPF 30 eye contour sunscreen, I purchased a bottle for myself right away. Do you wash your eye makeup off during the day to reapply? How often should sunscreen (in general) be reapplied?

  2. Ah - that is a GREAT question. Short answer is no - you're probably good with the eye cream. Clearly I need to explain myself a little better. Will do that in a new post soon! There's a whole chemical VS physical sunscreen aspect that complicates thing.

  3. shocking! spf 100 sounds ridiculous, but id be sucked into it if if wernt for you, ta


  4. My dermatologist told me that anything above SPF 30 is a blob of chemicals, and that SPF 15-30 is mostly recommended.

  5. I'm completely obsessed with sunscreen and have been working on finding a facial sunscreen that doesn't get greasy/shiny later on in the day. However, after reading up on some active ingredients (I'm a graduate student, research is what I do best), I got pretty sketched out about some active ingredients in sunscreens and decided to stick with zinc or titanium oxide-based sunblocks. However, my dermatologist told me these are probably what's clogging up my pores during the summer.

    I know you've gone fishing for now, but when you have the time could you please give your thoughts on that? What should I be looking for in a facial sunscreen, especially for the summer? Any product recommendations? Thanks so much!