November 8, 2009

Yes, Soap Can Save the Earth. Or At Least Some Orangutans.

I've decided that from now on I am only using soaps from The Body Shop because they use sustainable palm oil from Columbia instead of from Malaysia and Indonesia where deforestation is running rampant and killing all the orangutans.

When I find out things like this it makes me so, so sad. I mean, soap? Orangutans are dying so we can have SOAP? Talk about stupid.

The Body Shop is also involved with an international effort trying to make palm oil harvesting less destructive. So buy your soap from The Body Shop! They're always having deals where you can buy 5 for $15 and they come in yummy fragrances like strawberry, pink grapefruit and coconut.

On another note, once I switched to these soaps the eczema on my leg cleared up. Just saying.

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