July 19, 2009

Tour de Force - Rose McGowan's Charmed Lipstick

So I'm watching an old episode of Charmed and I can't stop staring at Rose McGowan's lips. They're absolutely gorgeous -- a perfectly executed, deep crimson pout with a subtle sheen.

Considering the fashion/beauty industry's rekindled love affair with lipstick after years and years of sticky gloss overload, the makeup artist at Charmed was clearly a beauty clairvoyant when he or she designated in-your-face lipstick as Paige Matthew's signature look.

Because she didn't do just red. Rose/Paige sported lilac, orange, fuchsia and baby pink, and when she is on camera, those lips just draw you in like a lighthouse. Vibrant lipstick is having a huge moment right now and I highly recommend you ditch your glittery gloss and give it a try. Tomorrow.

(Keep in mind that while the makeup department at Charmed was on fire, the wardrobe people were clearly on crack, which is proven by the overabundance of crop tops worn by Rose and her co-star Alyssa Milano.)

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